OxStem, acting as a parent holding company, will spin-out and fund the development over time of a series of daughter companies. Each daughter company (or “Stem”) will be focused on a large unmet therapeutic need within different organ systems (e.g. Dementia / Alzheimer’s in the CNS, or Macular Degeneration within the Eye). Oxstem will license its intellectual property (“IP”) as well as fund each daughter company.

At the appropriate point in time this may involve a partnership for each Stem with pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies seeking new drug pipelines. OxStem will hold a controlling interest with a clear exit strategy for each Stem – either through acquisition by a large pharmaceutical company with an interest in the particular disease area or through an IPO.

As each therapeutic research program progresses beyond the proof-of-concept stage, an application specific subsidiary is created. At present we are targeting 7 therapies (below), with Oncology, Neuro, Ocular and Cardio the most advanced. 

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